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Re: Audi Manual Transmission -Reply

> I have a '91 Audi Coupe with 30,000 miles.  How often does the manual 
>transmission fluid need to be changed on this type of car?
>The official Audi position (at least per my '89 100Q owners manual) is
>that  the manual trans oil (synthetic, hypoid) NEVER needs to be
>changed. . . . .<<<<<
>I have 160,000 on my '82 4000 Diesel, and the tranny oil has not been
>changed, works fine!

At that many miles, you might not want to change the tranny fluid in an older
car running dino-juice.  The comment about false-seals (thread about techron)
IS a possibility with these oft-neglected trannies--change the fluid (whether
to synth or not) and you might dislodge something holding it all in!  But do
keep the thing topped off.