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audi-os coupe s2

it was with considerable sadness that i learned that audi have pulled the plug on the coupe
s2 last week.

in a very tangible way, this brings to end the lineage which was started back in the geneva
motor show of 1980 when audi showed a car thay called the quattro.  and a revolution was
born.  it is still regarded as one of the most significant cars of the 1980's, if not the most
significant.  with it's final iteration, the awesome 20valve, it was replaced in 1991 by
the coupe s2, with much the same running gear, to produce a car which was quicker,
but less sharp in the handling.  this car has now ceased to be produced.

i still remeber standing on the corner of a carpark in southern auckland and hearing,
indescrible noise and watching as hannu mikkola piloted a group b quattro sport though
a rally special stage in front of thousands of spectators.  i'll never forget the sound, or
the fact that that car made my first reasonable rally photo.  i recall thinking to myself at
the time "one day i'll own one of those cars"..

well, the dream of owning a quattro sport is still there, but i have owned a ur-quattro,
and now an s2.  and i'd own another one.  any day...