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Re: my recent solution to noisy valve lifters??

 I used the same engine cleaner to successfully rid my own car of noisy 
lifters. Just make sure you don't drive the car with the stuff still in 
there at all(not even to the oil change place)! It has been 20,000 miles 
and a year and a half since and I have not heard a thing from the lifters. I 
believe synthetic oil also helps because it eliminates deposits formed 
from the high heat and breakdown of conventional oil.

Brett Augsburger
86 5000CSTQ

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Carl DeSousa wrote:

> I noticed a new engine cleaner on the shelf of a local parts store.
> It was in a fancy boxwith color graphs showing the affectiveness of 
> how this cleaning process affected different parts of the engine.  I
> think it was STP but sorry, I need to go back to the store to verify.
> Instructions said to pour this stuff in when the engine was warm.
> Run it for 5 minutes at idle, then change the oil.  DO NOT DRIVE 
> THE CAR.  For really dirty engines go 15 minutes.  
> I dumped it in, drove to the oil changer place being careful to stay
> below 2000 RPM.  By the time they changed the oil, 10 minutes of driving
> and 20 minutes of idling.  
> With the new oil, all clatter was gone.
> It has been a week now.  It clatters a little during startup like most
> normal I5's but all is well.  I'm very happy with the results so far.
> I have no idea what the long term affect is on the engine 
> so I take no responsibility for anyone else who may want to try it.
> Most of us have observed for a while now that fresh oil and a clean
> engine seems to be the trick.  On this particular car even fresh oil 
> wasn't working so I had to try something.  
> I would like to send the bill back to the mechanic who charged me the 
> $400+ to replace lifters a couple years back, only to find the problem
> return. 
> My unscientific conclusion: dirt, grime, sludge, old audi engine snot(or
> whatever), must be what forces these cars to disguise themselves as
> diesels.  
> Good luck, happy holidays,
> Carl DeSousa
> Mechanical Engineer.
> Cisco Systems