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Re: Noise (was Re: NOISY VALVES)

I also agree, Jeremy (and Bob).  But we should be aware that the purpose is
not for some "exclusivity", but as a method for us to be aware that we are
dealing with a newcomer.  Heck, I might even restrain my sense of humor a
bit.  :-)

At 03:30 PM 12/4/95 -0600, you wrote:
>Very much agree, Bob.  There should be some indication if possible.
>Jeremy R. King
>1986 VW Quantum GL5
>Audi at Heart
>On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Robert D. Houk wrote:
>>    ...
>>    I answered the guys question for one reason though...  The name did not 
>>    look familiar.  Dont forget, now that the WWW page has a place that says 
>>    "Click here to post an audi related question". Thats prolly what this 
>>    poor guy did. What does he know about majordomo and archives...etc.  
>> Oh lordy . . . uh, can you arrange such "blind" postings to have some
>> sort of prominent header, so we-all can know we're talking to an out-
>> sider, and not one of the cognoscenti? Or something?
>> 					-RDH
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