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Re: Noise (was Re: NOISY VALVES)

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Robert Myers wrote:

> I also agree, Jeremy (and Bob).  But we should be aware that the purpose is
> not for some "exclusivity", but as a method for us to be aware that we are
> dealing with a newcomer.  Heck, I might even restrain my sense of humor a
> bit.  :-)

I agree totally.  I really enjoy this list because there is an apparent 
lack of seniority.  Those who have owned audis for many years and 
therefore have lots of expereicnce with them shed their insights on the 
list.  Those of us newcommers learn a lot.  Its a good relationship.  
Lets not get too smug here.  You should get a good feeling of 
"exclusivity" from owning an Audi 8^)