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Re- used 5k wagon 4 sale

                       Subject:                               Time:9:40 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          Re: used 5k wagon 4 sale               Date:12/5/95
Greg Abbott wrote looking for advice regarding the purchase of a used 5K
Greg, there are a few suspicious points.  Why would someone not replace
something as simple as a radiator hose on an allegedly good car?  The 62K
mileage estimate is not realistic for an 11 year old car.  Your evaluation
reveals nothing about the transmission, brakes, suspension, or HVAC systems.
My suggestion is multiple choice:  
a)  Pass unless you have the time and ability to fix up the known and unknown
problems present.  Letting the car sit idle for 3 years creates its own set
of problems (electrical, hydraulic corrosion).  It will get expensive real
quick if you are paying someone else to do this kind of work.  
b)  If you have the time and ability, buy a radiator hose, install it, and go
for a test drive before purchasing it.  
c)  Have the car towed to a mechanic for a professional evaluation at your
  It sounds interesting, but don't sell the wife's Honda just yet.

Matt Reinhart  '87 4kcs, '84 Jetta, '90 Volvo 745, '66 911, '66 Mini