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Bosch Plugs Deciphering?

> It's tune-up time here in Washington, D.C., so I set about to do my tasks last
> night.  Did my shopping over the weekend, picked up a set of Bosch Super's.  I
> wuz checkin' the gap on my new plugs & comparing them to what the owners
> manual suggested, and noticed that I'd bought W7DC's, and the owners manual
> recommends W7DTC.  What's the "T" stand for?  Do I need to yank 'em back out
and go >pick up a diff'rent set?

I just moved out to Minneapolis, MN from Fairfax, VA and Import Parts Automotive
(IPA) in Chantilly, VA has the tri-electrode plugs for ~$3.50.  I'm not
affiliated w/
them and I don'thave their number but when Ilived there they generally had the
best price.  For
those of you in the DC area.

Robert Bauer
'88 80q