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Re:Clutch pressure plate/release bearing problem?

Steve writes:
>Dealer quoted me $600 for parts/labor for the pressure plate and $500 for
>release bearing.  I know I can get a lower cost on the parts, however, if I
>need to do this, can I do one repair and do another after I pay off Xmas
>gifts?  If so, which is most important to do first?  Or should I spend my
>money on more important repairs like my leaking PS rack and live with this!

I know audi is expensive but $500 for the bearing???  They should be done at the

same time because they are in the same location and they are in contact w/ each
other.  I did the clutch on my '86 5000s a few years back and it cost me ~$300,
if you
are up to it it's a big $ saver.

BTW When something needs repaired on my cars I call the dealer for a quote. I
call the for parts (the best available) and call my Snap-On dealer for any tools
needed and compare.  If it something I can do in a reasonable amount of time and
get some tools out of it it's worth it, even if there is no money saved.
Personal knowledge is worth someting.

Robert Bauer
'88 80q