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Re: Bosch Plugs Deciphering?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael Spiers say:
> It's tune-up time here in Washington, D.C., so I set about to do my tasks last
> night.  Did my shopping over the weekend, picked up a set of Bosch Super's.  I
> wuz checkin' the gap on my new plugs & comparing them to what the owners manual
> suggested, and noticed that I'd bought W7DC's, and the owners manual recommends
> W7DTC.  What's the "T" stand for?  Do I need to yank 'em back out and go pick
> up a diff'rent set?

I believe the "T" stands for "Tri-electrode". I use the W7DTC's on my
'89 100Q, and they are great. I think that either would be OK, for NA
cars, but the turbo should use the Tri-electrodes. Something about
blowing out the spark under heavy boost?


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