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Extrude Hone Process

I just got off the Phone with Bob at Extrude Hone in Paramount, CA.

	Insert disclaimer here, no I don't own stock or anything!

He said he could get 20% flow improvement in a typical turbo 
by just doing the two compressor scrolls (housings).  They also
do the wheels which adds some more flow.  All told dammage is $250.
You have to deliver them dissassembled.  He said turn around time
for them is 7-14 days typically.  They can also do exhaust
and intake manifolds for about $425 and $365 respectively.  These
were phone estimates so caveat emptor.  The exhaust is for a two
piece, with the accordian pipe removed.  The polishing process 
would destroy it most likely so it has to come out.  Anyone ever
removed or replaced one?  If you are interested they are at 
310-531-2976.  We could save a bunch of money if we went into it
together, because there is a tooling set up fee included in these
costs.  If your are serious let me know.

Paul Timmerman