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Extrude Hone Process

      Well, I don't know how much truth there is to this, but I heard from some
one with a 5KTQ massively tweaked, who went to a performance parts show in Las
Vegas, and he supposedly talked to the extude honed people, and when he asked t
hem about doing his intake manifold, etc, they said that they wouldn't reccomen
d it.  He told me that they said that the desighn of these units doesn't allow
for much improvement.  He said they told him that there was a good chance that
it would crack if he did it.  Now this is just heresay, that is why I am asking
 anyone on the net to let me and others know if they've heard the same thing.

      Yes, I do realize that Ned Ritche and ABS, and several other performance
shops offer extrude honed manifolds, all done by this same place, but supposedl
y when asked about it, the guy said, we do offer it, but we just don't reccomen
d it unless you've got money to burn and a manifold you're willing to risk.

     Anyone heard this too?  Or, is this just gossip?