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        I heard several people on the list asking about a cheaper or more cost
efective source for Techron.  Someone said they found the stuff for $7.99 a bot
tle.  Well, I hope that was the big one!

        The place I have always gotten it is the local Chevron station.  Just g
o inside and it was on a shelf inside.  I put it in right before i filled up.
It was $5 a bottle for the regualr size, and $7 for the larger one.  I usually
get the regular size and that is good for one fill up, then do another treatmen
t the next time I fill up....that usually works good, although I haven't done t
hat in a while.

         I have been thinking of just switching to Chevron's premium gas, which
 has Techron in it, in smaller doses of course.  But, if that's the only gas yo
u use, I'll bet it keeps the intake valves and manifolds nice and clean!