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Re: Extrude Hone Process

In a message dated 95-12-05 12:52:16 EST, you write:

>He said he could get 20% flow improvement in a typical turbo 
>by just doing the two compressor scrolls (housings). 

Not sure that's true.....  1) the scroll housings are referred to as
compressor side (cold side) and Turbine side (hot side) .....  To do the hot
side will last about a week, then the carbon buildup makes the gains non
existent.....  2) to do the cold side, is not necessarily going to give you
the gains you seek.......  There is a school of thought that indicates that a
cold side EH would give less turbulence, there is another that thinks it
creates other problems..... 

Look at who does either of these items, you'd be surprised that EH isn't a
turbo process necessarily.......  I have two rather large compressor housings
on my two cars, one has the EH impellor and compressor housing, the other,
just a cleanup of the housing......  Guess which one has better performance?
> They also
>do the wheels which adds some more flow. 
Not sure that's true either......

> All told dammage is $250.
>You have to deliver them dissassembled.  He said turn around time
>for them is 7-14 days typically.  They can also do exhaust
>and intake manifolds for about $425 and $365 respectively. 

This is where you should spend your money on the audis....

> These
>were phone estimates so caveat emptor.  The exhaust is for a two
>piece, with the accordian pipe removed.  The polishing process 
>would destroy it most likely so it has to come out.  Anyone ever
>removed or replaced one? 
The two piece manifold will set you back about 600.00 from the get-go......
 Add to that a 400.00 EH and you have one expensive exhaust, and you haven't
even done the pipes or the muffler, and I would think you could find someone
to build a set of headers (and they will beat EH manifolds anytime) for that
kind of change.....  Look other places first on the exhaust side......  On
the intake side the gains are phenomenal, and almost defy logic, HP and
Torque......  One caveat on the EH process.....  It is a water flow process,
that is to say that it will optimize an existing route, but you want to make
sure that the route it takes is the one you want (read: do the porting first)