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Re: Extrude Hone Process

In a message dated 95-12-05 14:02:52 EST, you write:

>      Well, I don't know how much truth there is to this, but I heard from
>one with a 5KTQ massively tweaked, who went to a performance parts show in
>Vegas, and he supposedly talked to the extude honed people, and when he
>hem about doing his intake manifold, etc, they said that they wouldn't
>d it.  He told me that they said that the desighn of these units doesn't
>for much improvement.  He said they told him that there was a good chance
>it would crack if he did it.  Now this is just heresay, that is why I am
> anyone on the net to let me and others know if they've heard the same

That's becuz doing EH on aluminum is a major baby-sitting job, and much more
technically intricate than the cast iron or steel products that are the
majority of their business.....  EH is Silly putty with sand, and there are
grades of abrasiveness of that sand.....  My understanding is that even with
the "lightest" of sand, it cuts the aluminum very quickly, and needless to
say the one piece design of the audi/vw manifold is a porters nightmare
anyway.....  Don't take laziness for lack of performance.....  EH on a Intake
manifold is a great performance improvement....     I doubt if the guy asked
straight out if it was a performance improvement, he would say no.....  And
in fact, my information from the EH boys and a few that did it says the
improvement is massive.....