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Re: Trannies and "Der Old Audi Wagen"

Jgriffin sent:
> Do you know if the auto tranny in my '92 100 is the same as yours in your '90
> 200? I am guessing not, since my car has the V6 and yours the I5?
> Just curious, cuz I haven't gotten under there to see what is involved with
> changing the fluid (I just bought it a few months ago) and there is no
> Bentley manual. So, if they were the same, I figured you could give me some
> pointers....

I can't confirm whether the trannies are different.  I hope to 
aitch-ee-double-toothpicks they are, because IMHO (and in the opinion 
of sundry others) the automatic used with the 5-cyl is not 
strong enough for the NA engine, much less the turbo - failures in the 
reverse seals are frequent and expensive.  Failure to 
have a heavier unit in the V6 would be dumb - altho I don't know the 
spec differences in HP and torque.  So it could be the same........

The "cheap and easy" way todrain fluid from the 5cyl autos is to 
carefully remove the large nut holding the tranny dipstick housing on 
the driver's side of the tranny and to pull the assembly loose, letting 
the fluid drain.  Of course:

1)  This does not effect a complete fluid change; and
2)  It does not give you access to the filter screen.

But if you have had the screen checked so that's not an issue, it's a 
real easy way to get the same partial drain that's done by removing 
the whole #$%^% pan.  This is real handy when you're converting from 
petro to synthetic fluid, and you need to do two or three drains to 
get most of the petro fluid out after it circulates thru the torque 

***NOTE:  I am advised of two cautions in this procedure, since I had 
to have a tranny rebuild and therefore have not done this (yet) myself:;

1)  It is EASY to cross-thread that large nut getting it back on the 
pan, which results in thread damage and leaks.  This is a Bad Thing.  
Take extra-extra care to make sure this does not occur.
2)  In order to avoid #1, it may be wise to loosen or remove bolts 
holding the dipstick tube in place in order to wiggle it around and 
align it more easily when re-installing it.  This was strongly 
recommended to me.

Good luck.

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