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Brake Light Question

Friends, I finally replaced the hydraulic pump on my 1990 200 this 
week - after spending months fighting brake warning lights every time 
I'd stab the brakes hard.  (Usually took two stabs, but not always.)

I'm underwhelmed.  Now I have to stab the brakes about four times 
hard - but then I still get a warning light.  I put a PA on the car 
this fall.  I have also tried changing out the pressure warning 
switch which screws into the brake servo.


1)  Would some of you kind folks who have similar cars try doing a 
4-stab test on your brakes and see if you get a warning light after 
repeated sharp (but brief) braking attemps (kinda like pumping the 
brakes on ice in an older model car...)?
2)  Does anyone have ideas on WHATINEARTH the problem could be if 
this is not normal for this car?  

Sheesh.  I've made a pressure gauge, tested everything I can test, 
and I still suspect I have a gremlin.  I don't think there is any 
safety problem here, because everything performs well and it takes 
repeated brake applications to make it occur - but it PIS**S me off!!

Yours in Audi-induced humility.........

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