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no rev 80q fixed

Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for help.  Your 
suggestions were most helpful.

My 90 80q would not rev above 4800 rpm.  The problem turned out to be a 
bad cat that was creating a lot of evil back pressure.  Cats are only 
warranty for 50,000 miles and my had over 70,000 miles.  Guess I was due 
for a new one.

What my question is, this problem did not start until after I added a 
bottle of gumout fuel injection cleaner.  Does fuel injection clean's 
exhaust gases also clean the exhaust system?  Something seems to have 
accelerated the demise of my cat, or are the Audi gods just having fun 
with me?


Chris 'Tuc' Tucker
(I'll use my last name because I'm sure that there are many Chris's on 
this list.  Or should I change my name to Bob?)

90 80q
69 TLC