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Re: '82 Coupe questions...

Eric asks;

>First, his fuel pumps aren't lasting very long.  His original went 8
years, but he has replaced it three times since then (with Bosch
replacements).  The replacements seem to last about 2 years, on average.
Is this normal for replacements?  Could something be causing premature
failure?  He changes the fuel filter about every 50K or so.<

Has he replaced the small filter before the fuel pump?  This could be
a problem if broken or clogged.

>Also, the synchros (1st & 2nd) in his tranny are quite dead.  Should he
replace the entire transmission with a rebuilt one?< etc., etc.

The syncros do wear.  Try a synthetic transmission oil ( Redline,
Amsoil, etc.  mentioned in many posts) before you declare the
transmission a loss.  IPC (209) 225-2900 had a good deal on these a
year or two ago, $695 I believe.  Try GPR or PAP and others listed in the
vendor list in the archives.  A rebuilt transmission is probably cheaper
and easier to deal with than rebuilding the one that you have now,
especially considering it's age.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe