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Re: Off-diameter tires

It'll screw up your speedometer and not much else, if you replace them
in sets of four.

A common mod for the 944 is to swithc from 215/60 to 225/50 for
slightly more ruber and less sidewall to down the gearing a bit.
Diameter goes from 25.2 to 23.8, for a 5.5 % reduction in gearing.

On my 911 I went to 205/50/15 and 225/50/15 to get the gearing
reduction.  Handled great, not much ground clearance though, especially
in the front (23.0") lowering the car by a bit over an inch.

What I ened up doing was using those tires for track and 225/50/16 +
245/45/16 for street (24.8" diameter).

What you may find is that  6" wheel just doesn't cut it for anything
wider than a 205.  According to BFG, a 6.5" wide wheel is the minimum
recomended width for a 225, and 7.5 is optimal.