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Re: '90 Audi V8 Value

I just paid $16,300 which included a 2 yr warranty for a very clean car
in pearl white.

(15,000 w/o warranty).

According to blue book november:

	Clean 16,7
	Avg   15,5
	Rough 14,2

Avg Retail : 18,950

Edmonds car guide:
Wholesale:  15,450
Retail      18,600

Car comes factory with all usual power standard plus car phone and
leather.  Watch out for the "Flying Saucer" brakes.  Disks mounted to
hub by perimiter.  Expensive and warpsome.

Also make sure the car has had it's 60K service which is in the $800
range (timing belt).

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Fellow Audians: a non-net friend has located a 1990 Audi V8 and asked me a bunch 
of questions because "I'm a car nut." I had to reluctantly admit I did not know 
much about this model Audi. I did looked at it and take it for a drive. It's 
quite nice - very smooth. It has 58K miles and appears to be in good shape. 
Questions are as follows: what's a fair price for this car? Any known problems 
for the breed that we should be looking out for? Many thanks!

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