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Re: Lic. Plate

 eliot@u.washington.edu  writes:                                   
 EL> no, you missed the point.  the excise tax is NOT based on the *true*
 EL> market value of the car, which is why my v8 tabs are twice as much as
 EL> what they should be.  the excise tax is based on WHAT THE STATE SAYS
 EL> YOUR CAR IS WORTH, which is something like 70% of its new price 5
 EL> years down the road.  yeah, right. daylight robbery.

    Excise here in Taxachusetts is the opposite. The best they could
    figure on my V8 is Make:Audi  Model:Guato.
    Based on the $25 per thousand excise, and my bill for
    $110 means it's valued at a tad over 4K.  (Wonder if the 
    city has any for sale..)  A local Porsche owner with
    a '69 911 racer (insured for 100K) pays $11.00 in excise
    a year.

    Go figure.


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