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Re: Lic. Plate

    EL> no, you missed the point.  the excise tax is NOT based on the *true*
       Excise here in Taxachusetts is the opposite. The best they could
       figure on my V8 is Make:Audi  Model:Guato.
       Based on the $25 per thousand excise, and my bill for
       $110 means it's valued at a tad over 4K.  (Wonder if the 
       city has any for sale..)  A local Porsche owner with
       a '69 911 racer (insured for 100K) pays $11.00 in excise
       a year.

One of the few silver linings in the thunderclouds of UrQ ownership is
the annual $13 or so "excise" tax on the privilege of owning (excuse me,
I should say "registering so I can insure the damn thing") an automobile
here in the Royal Duchy of Massachusetts. Every time I start coveting a
new set of wheels, I start choking on the thought of years' worth of
4-digit (to the left of the decimal point!) 's of excise taxes . . .