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Re: Lic. Plate

   >what if you 'sold' your car for a $1 to a _very_ good friend and then     
   >bought it back for $2?                                                    

   >your friend would pay $.08 in sales tax and about $15 in title xfer       
   >fees. you would pay $.16 in sales tax and another $15 in title xfer.      

   >What could the state say about market value? After all, it's now been     
   >sold twice at a reduced price...                                          

   Well, "fraud" is the first thing that comes to mind....

Even if you did it really honestly and truly legitimately, the local RMV
(that's the "Registry...") look your car up in a book and nail ya for
their arbitrarily-ascribed value of the car if your stated value is too
low for their tax coffers. Of course, they'll happily accept your higher