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re: a8 v8

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995, Dave Eaton wrote:

> re: the a8 v8 and repairability
>due to the fact that the a8's alimunium skin is not load bearing,
> repairs are easy.

> you replace the panel.  unbolt the old one, and bolt on the new one.  
>this probably explains why repairs (ie. insurance) is not too expensive...

brilliant!  brilliant!  honda must be kicking themselves now...  and that
old dented panel would be 100% recylcable too.  there is a place here
that pays good money for recycled aluminium.

> nice looking car though.  especially with the 18" wheels.  
>beeeaaaaauuutttiiifffullllll paint job.  a very dark blue.  georgeous.

i haven't seen one in the flesh yet.  terribly disappointed that the
recent motor show didn't have one on display.  must be all that demand
over in europe keeping it away.