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re: a8 v8

> >due to the fact that the a8's alimunium skin is not load bearing,
> > repairs are easy.
> > you replace the panel.  unbolt the old one, and bolt on the new one.  
> >this probably explains why repairs (ie. insurance) is not too expensive...
> brilliant!  brilliant!  honda must be kicking themselves now...  and that
> old dented panel would be 100% recylcable too.  there is a place here
> that pays good money for recycled aluminium.

Well, you get some and you lose some. Honda went for high tech side of 
aluminum construction with body panels as integral to body integrity. 
Down side is that it's hellish to fix the damn thing. Audi went for weird 
side -- panel can be easily replaced (ahhh... new styling!) -- but it 
does not fully exploit the weight advantage aluminum offers.

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