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'87 Quattros have more Horses

Mike Myers,

The following is per my reading of my Bentley manual:

I can't respond with confidence about the 5000 TQ's, but in stock trim, I
believe from 1/85 to '88 they have the same horse power: MC series 165 hp
2.22 liters 7.8:1 compression ratio, 10 valves (prior to 1/85, KH series 135
hp 2.14 liters 8.3:1 comp).

The normally aspirated 5000 Quattros (i.e. non-turbo) first appeared ~10/87
with the NF series engine whose production began 8/86: 2.3 liters 130 hp 10:1
compression 10 valves. (I believe the front w.d. 5000's got the NF engine
starting from '87 models introduced fall '86).

Prior to the NF engine, the non-turbo's (no Quattro's) engine was the KZ
series 110 hp 2.22 liter 8.5:1 compression 8/84) or the WU ("model year '84")
100 hp, 2.14 liter 8.2:1 compression.

You'll notice that the '87's (non-turbo) 130 hp compares favorably to the '84
Turbo's 135 hp... Can this be true???

I'm not acquainted with the sequence of events on the 4000 series, though
there has been some recent discussion in the Digest

Later, Larry '87 5kSQ