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More on Bentley Manuals

Sorry if this is a duplicate posting, came back to me as bounced (but from a
different domain than coimbra.ans.net)...

Answering a direct e-mail from Bob (Different Bob), had my folder with audi
receipts out & I stumbled across the following brochure (as of 8/90), to
order a Bentley Manual from Bentley

"... call toll-free 1-800-423-4595 to order using VISA, MasterCard, or
American Express"


"If you are not satisfied with our manuals for any reason, simply return the
book within 6 months for a full refund" [I presume without the greasy hand

I bought mine by mailing in the attached order form, I still have my manual
5+ yrs later, has paid for itself many times over... (though it aint

Also,  I have found the Haynes manual for the 5000 series to be - sometimes -
more helpful with more detailed step-by-step listings, but covers far fewer
subjects - and no info specific to the Quattros.

Later, Larry '87 5kSQ