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Re: Fuel Pump noise

> Regarding the fuel pump noise:
... my $0.02:  Did you check to see if the pump is properly isolated from
the body of the car?  On my '88 the hoses/cable were attached in such a 
way as to stress the rubber mounts.  Over time as the mounts weakened the 
pump started touching the mounting bracket, which increased the sound 
appreciably, except it changed from more of a hissing sound to a buzz.  
I replaced the mounts and reduced the stress to resolve the problem.  So
far the only car I've had to replace the fuel pump on was the '78 Audi 
Fox, so that would be one fuel pump in about 32 total Audi years and 
approximately 230K total miles.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)