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Re: Fuel Pump noise

I will replace the fuel pump. I wouldn't wait until it failed. I had bad
experience with fuel pump failure. I had one which started making humming
noise and started to shut off intemittenly. It happen a few times on the
freeway, it's not fun when you are going 65 mph and suddenly your fuel pump
decide to shut off and you are on the left hand lane and have to dive 
over to the right hand lane to get to the shoulder and you are 60 miles away
from home and the same thing happened 6 times on the way home :( When it 
shut off it's like someone shutting the engine off, you will lose speed and 
momentum very quickly, the chances of getting rear ended is very high, that
will cost you alot more than a new fuel pump :P 

Interesting thing is the fuel pressure still check out ok, in fact my  
mechanic hooked up a fuel pressure gauge with it and he drove it around and,
it seemed fine. The flow rate was also fine. But it keep shutting off. First
thing I did was had the fuel filter replace(the old one was only 7,000 miles
old, I had a habit of having it replace every 10,000 miles) then the fuel
pump relay. We also checked the fuel pressure accumulator. I know it's not
the injectors since they were only 6 months old. Finally I had the fuel pump
replaced. Yon can get one from Linda or Marty at Carlson for $190(for 85'

I had my mechanic did the work for me. You don't want to do it with more 
than 1/4 tank of gas in it. The access to the pump is through the trunk.
You need to take the remove the pump with fuel guage sender unit. 

Good Luck,

Anthony Chan
85' 5000s forsale
92' 100 V6

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995, Robert F. Dunne wrote:

> Regarding the fuel pump noise:
> I have the same problem in my '90 200T. The pump and filter have been
> replaced, but the pump is still noisy (I went through the same exercise on
> my '87 5k). If anyone has a fix or suggestion (different type of pump, way
> to isolate the noise etc..) I think a lot of people could benefit. I can say
> this, it's been my experience that these pumps go for LOTS of miles so if
> it's just making noise it's probably still good.
> Thanks,
> Bob Dunne
> '90 200T