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Snow Tires

Now that we are getting our 3rd measurable snow of the year I'd like to 
ask some questions about the relative merits of running snow tires during 
the winter and then switching to a conventional tread for the rest of the 

I can remember using snow tires when I wasa mere lad driving my parents 
cars.  Like many of us I gravitated to the "all season" concept to save a 
few $$$ and not eliminate the annual changeover ritual.

Even though I've had Audis since the late '70s my q experience only goes 
back to '88.  Even there my 87 4kcsq has always worn all season rubber.

I think I can remember what I would pick up in handling and safety in the 
snow, but how do 4 snow tires perform in hard pack snow, on stuff that's 
been through several freeze-thaw cycles and has beomce ice, and finally 
on dry pavement?  Even though this is Wisconsin, I really do think that 
the state motto is "the roads in January should look like the roads in 
July."  Snow removal equipment.  Even the garbage trucks getted fitted 
out with blades to remove snow.  there are relatively few times in the 
year when I would consider snow tires an essential.

Who of you out there run dedicated snow treads and what kind of 
conditions do you drive in?  Can I safely assume that once the snow 
treads go on they do not come off until the Spring?  Is any snow tire 
better than all "all season" treads or do brands really make a difference 
(ie: will a top brand all season tread equal a cheapo snow tread in 
performance and handling?) 

Appreciate your input.  i'm off to sit in fron of the fireplace.  Wind 
chill has just dropped below -30.

Bill Murin