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Re: Snow Tires

> Who of you out there run dedicated snow treads and what kind of 
> conditions do you drive in?  Can I safely assume that once the snow 
> treads go on they do not come off until the Spring?  Is any snow tire 
> better than all "all season" treads or do brands really make a difference 
> (ie: will a top brand all season tread equal a cheapo snow tread in 
> performance and handling?) 
> Appreciate your input.  i'm off to sit in fron of the fireplace.  Wind 
> chill has just dropped below -30.

I used to use Blizzak but not any more after that one wore out quickly 
(just 1 winter!!). Bridgestone RE940, ultra high-performance 4 seasons 
(M+S) are somewhat ill designed for real snow. I just waxed the car with 
RE930 (which looks like better designed for snow than RE940) so the hell 
it's going out there Real Soon. On the other hand, it's -40 to -60 out 
there so I'm not going out -- quattro or not.

But more or less, I would still go for dedicated snow tire for winter 
(maybe not as "radical" as Blizzak -- Pirelli 210 sounds nice) and high 
performance summer tread for rest of non snow balling days.

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