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Re: Audi TT

>       Am I the only one who thinks this Audi TT is ugly.  I hate to 
> say it since I think this is the first Audi that I didn't like.  But, I 
> really think that car looks like the new Volkswagon Bettle covered with 
> armor plating.   Plus, I wish Audi would start  production of that 
> Quattro Spyder (much better looking than the TT, INMHO) instead of that 
> ugly bug!   I'd rather own a sleek quattro spyder anyday...pluss it has 
> a targa roof!   Any other opinions?

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder... yeah, whatever. I think someone at 
Audi has love of the old (and new) VW Bug and decided to work on it. 
Personally I think TT is indeed ugly in a way -- not bug eye sort but in 
VW Bug me-too kind of way. That quattro spyder with W12 is unique 
looking, although not "handsome" but a lot better than TT. It does not 
look like a car that cost $30,000 -- more like $15,000.

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