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Re: Audi TT

> > That quattro spyder with W12 is unique looking, although not
> > "handsome" but a lot better than TT.
> Your memory is a bit hazy here -- the Audi Quattro Spyder was to be
> equipped with the Audi 2.8L V6, either in standard or TDI form.  The
> one with the W12 engine was the Avus.  For that matter, the Spyder
> would have been a lot more expensive to produce than the TT, and the
> Avus would have been right there in exotica territory.

Doh! It's the snow! I swear it was the snow!! Or it's probably because 
I'm using a 8086 (and an Amstrad at that) to post that message! It's not 
my fault -- sue Amstrad.

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