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Re: -=> Winter Tires <=-

> If it makes any difference, the tires are about 3/4 worn, but even 
> wear and no wear bars yet.  Would the same new be much better?  (Let 
> me guess ... No!)  By 

Not by much, but new tires will give more bite (however small may that 

> the way, D60A2's are not M+S rated but are advertised as "all season 
> tread"!

I see many people's mistake is that when someone mentions all-season 
tread, they assume it's usable in snow. Bzzzzt! If the place you will be 
driving through snows, make sure the tire is M+S rated! Even if it's M+S 
rated, it may not be a good performer is snow (or mud).

> Which leads me to:  Who can tell me specifically what to buy in the way of 
> four steel wheels to mount snows? 

Tire Rack often advertises that they have steel OEM wheels, although I 
haven't inquired or ordered steel wheels.

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