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Noisy Lifters (Real Question)


I saw a ton of posts, but only one serious reply to the poor guys request
for info about noisy lifters.  I have the same symptoms, BUT I JUST CHANGED
ALL OF THE LIFTERS!  It is a very sporatic lifter type noise, but only
occurs infrequently and sounds like the motor is going to have a cooling
problem (by throwing a rod through the radiator).  I believe it may be
something like a wrist pin but don't want to tear half of the motor apart to
see.  I have a concern after reading some Slick-50 info that it could be a
contributor.  I have only 82K on the 88 80 Quattro and only 500-1000 miles
on the lifters and fresh oil!  I plan to put an oil gauge on the motor to
see if I'm getting the right pressure all the time..


Lou M.
88 80 Quattro