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Re: Help! No stable idling on 1981 4000

At 03:24 PM 12/31/95 -0500, Filipp E. Kistenev wrote:

>problem.  I have an old Audi 4000, 1981, 4cyl, MPI, manual transm.
>This car cannot idle at a stable speed until the engine warms up (about

check the auxilary air regulator.  this is a simple air valve controlled by
a bi-metallic spring (also electrically heated) that admits additional air
around the throttle body.  as the engine warms up, the valve closes, keeping
the idle speed correct (or nearly so).  this thing is usually bolted to the
intake manifold near the throttle body, with two rubber hoses attached to
it--one connects to the rubber boot going into the tb the other goes into
the manifold.  there's also a 2 wire connector on it.

on the later cars (don't know exactly when) this was replaced with the idle
stabilizer valve--similar function, different execution (electrically
controlled in response to idle speed, not a function of heat to the valve body)

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