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printing fiches (was Re: V8 Surge Problems)

At 12:12 PM 12/30/95 -0500, Lester B. Lampman wrote:

>     New Subj...a post a while back on printing V8 manual from fiche... I'd
>like very much to share the cost of fiche/printing, etc. for a copy...sorry
>my delete key got carried away and lost the post.
>email please!
>     Happy New Year to all you Audinuts.
>     CUL, Les     

a month or so ago, I stopped in at Carlsen & met Linda.  she gave me the
name of an outfit specializing in 928 enhancements (Devek Performance,
800.598.0693) that also knew how to go about gettting fiches printed--they
don't do it, but use someone else.  the cost was on the order of a buck a
page, so it probably wouldn't make sense for the manuals, but maybe so for
the parts fiches.