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Re: high intensity ignition systems

In a message dated 95-12-11 23:16:33 EST, you write:

>Now, this is one heck of idea -- even by Saab standard (well, this IS 
>Audi list (: ). Why doesn't anyone (er... Audi?) use it?

actually, that saab might beat our favored marque to market with innovative
technology is not suprising--there's a number of other "firsts" they've hit
the market with.  otoh, you might question any company that used a
british-leyland 4-banger (don't recall which one) as the basis for their next
several generations of engines.

likely as not, the Trionic (i think that's what it's called) technology is
patented (and good for them), although i'd suspect Saab would be willing to
license the technology for the right fee--afterall, they don't sell enough
cars worldwide to fully exploit the technology so why not get some help from
other car makers (and help clean up the environment, to boot).