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Re: Wet , pitted headlights

In a message dated 95-12-12 10:25:32 EST, R1chT@aol.com writes:

>My '83 Urq with european type headlights had some water inside. Is there
>supposed to be a  rubber boot over the bulb connector?  Seems like there
>ought to be. Over the years the front surface has gotten some small dings in
>the glass from sand etc. . Has anyone tried to polish out these small
>scratches or pits?


if the ur-q euro lites are anything like the ones for my '91 200q, the lens
can be disassembled from the reflector housing.  there's a gasket between the
lens and the housing, as maybe a rubber boot over the bulb.  all of these
should be considered "consumable" including the lens.  I understand that
lenses are about US$25 over in Germany (make sure you get the ones from the
continent, and not britain--as they'd say it, we drive on the wrong side of
the road here)