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Re: Driving on snow / quattro system

In a message dated 95-12-12 15:48:14 EST, murinw@cs.uwp.edu (William Murin)

[DELETE:  comments about overconfidence and q-cars not defying the laws of

>total itself.  I remember on any number of occasions having my q in to 
>the dealer for some service and seeing a disproportionately large number 
>of qs up on the rack.  Why--too many guys with too much testosterone 
>driving beyond the limits of good sense and the q's ability of save our 
>butts.  Remember, it is a q, not a dorF 4X4 with big tires.

A dorF 4x4 with big tires isn't going to help temper overconfidence either.
On a somewhat related note, I recall seeing some of those big 4x4s floating
down the rivers--i mean streets--in the mountains near Montclair & Upland CA
when the winter rains came--a little water?  I can get across that, no