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Re: Quattro Joys/Question in SNOW

In a message dated 95-12-12 18:58:46 EST, honge@creighton.edu (Psychos 'R Us)

>> In snow, I imagine there might be a time put chains on a quattro (esp with
>> non-snow tires). If so, what axle would you put the chains on?
>I would imagine all four tires??

Yes there has been a time or two i've used chains with the quattro--but this
was before good M+S tires.  No you cannot put chains on all 4 corners--there
isn't enough room to the rear fender lip on most Audis, so fronts only.
 Also, on many Audis, chains are only *supposed* :) to be used on the smaller
winter tire sizes (i.e.on the 4kcsq  175/70-14 instead of 195/60-14, on the
'91 200q  195/65-15 instead of 215/60-15).  as you might guess, i didn't
follow those instructions too well, but ... no problems.