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RE: Mega-Stereos

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In defense of John, I think Audis need more than an average dose of 
bass to provide good balanced sound under normal driving conditions.   
I've never been to one of those car stereo shows, but I doubt the 
judges actually drive the cars around.  At least with my model 80, 
there's a substantial amount of road noise to overcome.  Low-end noise 
is even more pronounced if you opt for snow tires during the winter.

I have 110watts dedicated to a Bazooka tube firing through the rear 
seats, and it provides sufficient, but not exemplary bass.   When I 
installed the system, I couldn't think of any other solution that would 
still retain my miniature trunk --  What's the point of a Quattro if 
you can't use the ski bag and don't have enough room to carry your boots?

Are there any other bass solutions out there which maximize trunk space?