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cold start

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Had the same problem in my '90 model 80 Quattro.  Usually it wouldn't 
die, but it would run rough and wouldn't accelerate (like it couldn't 
get any gas to the engine) until it warmed up.  All my problems were 
solved when I replaced the P-chip.  Plus I gained 10 horses and it even 
sounds cooler now.  My mechanic did it, so I don't know which chip 
supplier he used.  His name is Dennis at Bellevue Motor Sports (206) 747-3278.

- Greg Koehler
>When I initially start my car(1988 90 Q)  it will idle rough for a second
>and then die.  Second try leads to a bit of roughness and then a steady idle.
>Is there some sort of cold start valve that wore out?  The car has 120K
>miles on the odo.
>Thanks, Brendan Rudack