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Re: Quattros in the snow...

As others have pointed out, Quattros will help you get going and keep
going in the snow, but they can inspire false confidence when you try
to stop on a slick surface.   What they do offer is a nice sense of
balance and predictability that RWD or FWD can't offer.  Take your
foot off the gas in a corner and the car doesn't try to swap ends.
Get into a slide, just steer and apply the gas and drive your way out
of it.  For me, that is just an overwhelming advantage in tackling
winter weather.

Just mount good snows and use common sense.  Leave the other guy
plenty of room and keep your eyes open.  Find a nice open parking lot
(difficult to do during the holiday season :-)) and see how your car

Having AWD has been a godsend up here in upstate NY (after struggling
with a BMW) and I don't think I'll ever go back.

Just my $0.02

John M.

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