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4KCSQ squirrely in snow

All this talk about driving in snow has finally prompted me to post about
this. My '87 4K is decidedly uncomfortable when going straight on snow or
slush or ice, to the point that I'd almost rather drive our '86 Cavalier.
Before I take it to the shop for this (other more addressable problems have
been keeping it there too much as it is) I'd like to see what the list
thinks might be causing it. 

It's wearing 195/60R14 Goodyear Eagle STs. Are these simply too wide for
winter, allowing the car to float a little bit? I don't have any trouble
with starting, stopping, or cornering, just maintaining a straight course
without wiggling. I haven't noticed it pulling to either side when the roads
are clear or just wet, so I don't *think* it's misalignment, uneven tire
inflation, out-of-balance wheels, or dragging brakes. Could it be something
in the drivetrain? Locking the diffs doesn't seem to improve this, which
seems odd to me, but maybe I expect too much from them.

Perhaps I've simply blasphemed against the Audi gods too much, and not spent
enough (though I can't believe that!). Can't help comparing the thing
unfavorably to my '71 Bronco, though. Cheap as all get out, runs great, and
I can plow driveways with it. Uh-oh, I think I just heard the click of a
suddenly compromised Teutonic CV joint....
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