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'87 5000CST 4 Sale

A few months ago we purchased a V8 for my wife.  Her '87 5000CS turbo is now
for sale.  I thought that we could keep it, and that I could drive it until
I found a QTC to buy.  Well there are several nice QTCs for sale now so the
time has come!

The particulars:

White exterior, body, paint, trim, etc. in excellent condition
Black leather interior in very good to excellent condition.
Cruise Control
Every other option except alarm and Quattro.

Just or newly done:
Alternator (rebuilt)
PS rack (rebuilt)
AC system servicing, refrigerant recharge, and new controller motor
driver side headlight
turbo coolant pump
Radiator hoses
VR tires (70% to 80%)
fuel pump (don't ask; yes I now have a known good used part as a spare!)
fuel filter (<20 miles)
timing belt
rear shocks and front struts

Future sacrifices to the Audi gods:
vacuum leak in AC control system (defrost on high fan all the time); haven't
had time to track down, but cheap to fix
two wires in driver's door worn; rear windows won't go down using rear
switches unless driver's door is open.

This car is in very good condition.  I didn't get to drive it enough.  But
you can guess that if something was wrong with my 4000SQ and with her car
which got fixed first!

It has approximately 140k miles. We are the third owners, having purchased
it with 100k on the odometer.  The original owners were something something
racing.  The second owners kept the paperwork.  I've often thought of asking
Ned if he kept a list of customers that have purchased springs and chips
from him.  Or if he had a list of VINs for the cars the mods were done on.
You couldn't stomp on the gas from a stop and hold on.  Might have a mod or
maybe not.

Anyway we need somewhere between $3000 to $4000 for it.  Any interest or
comments please e-mail me or call me at (503) 289-0791 (eves).


John Karasaki