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Power Coating

     Okay, I gave up with the rust remover/sand paper/wire brush/drill with 
     various attachments method of cleaning 12 years of crap of the 
     suspension struts and took one of them to get sand blasted. Yes I am 
     worried that it will get damaged but I spoke with the guy at length 
     and explained what I wanted done, and he has done other car parts, 
     Anyway, my question is what do you recommend for finishing the 
     suspension parts after sanblasting (comments from Vicarage cars would 
     be very appreciated)? Harold (the sand blaster) recommends powder 
     coating, one coat only, I don't think you can do more? He showed me 
     some examples and it looks very similar to the finish on springs? 
     I am going to call a company about galvanising the parts and then 
     having the power coating done, Harold believes this will be expensive 
     and they may not be able to mask off areas (e.g. the wheel bearings 
     and threads). Any experiences of galvanising parts? 
     Thanks and regards, Mike