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1983 Quattro Coupe Camshaft

I found some of my old Audi parts from years gone by and the one thing I 
can't use is this camshaft.  It came out of my 1983 Quattro Coupe (I had 
replaced it amongst other pieces of hardware with some ABT goodies) when 
it had about 80K miles on it.  I don't know if there were different lobe 
profiles but this one was stock for the solid lifter set up.  The lobes 
are very clean with NO visible wear (I changed the oil every 1800-2000 
miles...it was my baby for 230K miles before I had to say goodbye to it.  
I couldn't bear to see it rust.)

I don't know what it may be worth but if anyone needs one, make an offer.

Thanks and have a Happy Holiday.

Mike Stricker