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WTB: 7x15 Ronal R8s w/4x100 bolt pattern

I mounted a set of Hoosier slicks on my 7x15 Ronals and put them on the car
over at the rollcage store to check clearances for some of the tube braces.
Although they are a quite a bit heavier than I'd like, they look so "right"
on the car I've decided I'd better start looking for another set to use for
spares and/or rain tires.

Does anyone have any they're willing to sell?  Although a full set would be
nice, I'll also consider partial sets and, of course, cosmetic condition is
unimportant so long as they're true.

I can be reached via email here or by phone at (800) 888-1207 days and (602)
860-2729 nights.  Thanks...

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