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Re: 88, 89 imsa cars

> I hear from y'all that Audi raced a 5000TQ in '88, in Trans Am, but I
> think they raced the 200TQ in '89 in the GTO/GTU series.  Any comments?

They raced the 5ktq in the '88 TransAm series then switched to a tube-frame
90q for the IMSA GTO series in '89 ... never did get to see one of those up
close, alas.
>            Another comment: A friend of mine from NY says that some guy on
> Long Island or Statton Island has one of these and races it.  Any one
> seen it around at local New England race tracks, like Lime Rock?

Along these lines, I seem to recall seeing a classified ad in Autoweek many
years ago for an '87 5ktq complete with rollcage that had raced in the IMSA
Firehawk endurance series and was painted in Audi's then-factory colors.  I
believe the area code listed was for upstate New York ... could this be the
car your friend has seen?  If only I had $12.5k at the time <sigh>...

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